Leaders in whole-of-life asset management

We deliver asset management services that integrate and align with customers’ existing asset management programs to achieve performance improvement in critical operational areas and across the broader business. Through delivery of industry-leading tactical and operational support, as well as considered, strategic planning that addressees changing economic and competitive environments, our asset management services help to ensure long-term value for customer operations.

Proven expertise
With asset management revenues in excess of $1.8 billion we manage and maintain a wide range of assets for customers in Australia and New Zealand across the resources, energy, transport, industrial infrastructure, water and communications sectors. Our customers include some of the region’s largest organisations: ANZ Bank, BASF, Yarra Trams and government road authorities in both countries. Notably our work with ANZ Bank was awarded the Silver Excellence Award by the Asset Management Council in 2007.

Value add
As one of the largest infrastructure businesses across the region, our design and construction experience in the early stages of the asset lifecycle provides our teams with detailed, first hand working knowledge of customer assets. Combined with our asset maintenance capabilities, our working knowledge provides teams with a valuable depth of understanding to reliably and efficiently maintain and manage customers’ assets over the long-term, and to go beyond basic levels of asset optimisation to deliver solutions that reduce operating costs and increase throughput.

Our proven commitment to Zero Harm, which ensures a safe working environment for all stakeholders, is a key deliverable and highly valued by our customers.

Working together
Based on our experience in delivering asset management services across a range of sectors we understand the vital need to work within a collaborate framework and align our goals with customers business targets. For this reason we ensure that our teams fully understand the value that customers expect from our services, and focus on delivering “best in class” solutions that provide long-term value for customer operations.