Understanding and managing our impacts throughout the lifecycle of our products and services is fundamental to our long-term business success.

We believe that our ability to manage these impacts and to identify opportunities to assist our clients to do the same, will deliver long-term benefits for the eco-systems upon which we all depend.

We are committed to the development of robust environmental management systems and resource efficiency programs that will sustain our natural environment for future generations.

We continue to identify business opportunities through climate change solutions and develop our capability in key sustainability service offerings such as low energy products, renewable energy and sustainable transport. We are committed to lowering our fuel and energy consumption in order to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Environmental DVDs

Click on the following links for excerpts from Downer's Zero Harm awareness campaign where we challenge our people to consider the ways that they can make a difference in their workplace and at home.

Archerfield asphalt plant
Representatives from Downer Works’ Archerfield asphalt plant in Queensland developed a more sustainable asphalt mix and work practice.

Commodore mine team
Downer Mining’s Commodore mine team implemented a ground-breaking biodiesel program and sustainable mine management practices, realising significant environmental achievements.