We understand the value of strong and enduring relationships with the communities in which we operate and we are committed to engaging with these important stakeholders. Our community relations principles are to provide appropriate and tangible social benefits, while ensuring that all community initiatives are aligned with company values.

At Downer, we place great importance on understanding and relating to our communities, and consequently, we are committed to open, two-way communication with local stakeholders.

We also support the development and sustainability of robust regional economies by creating jobs and commissioning the local supply of goods and services.

Due to the nature of our business we have been operating in remote and diverse communities in Australia for more than a century and we pride ourselves on building and fostering harmonious relationships with the stakeholders that are the cornerstone of our combined successes.

We are one of Australia’s most experienced and recognised community engagement advocates, after successfully delivering short and long-term projects in diverse regional and remote locations throughout the nation. We recognise the potential impacts that construction and commissioning activities may have on communities, and are therefore committed to developing and maintaining strong, enduring relationships with those communities.

Engaging, understanding, empowering and employing stakeholders and providing economic stimulus to local communities are fundamental to the way we do business. Accordingly, we implement a range of strategies focusing on the key areas of:

  • Social responsibility: Local and Aboriginal employment
  • Governance: Cultural heritage management
  • Stakeholder engagement: Social investment.

We understand the importance of contributing to the development and sustainability of regional economies through job creation, and the purchase of goods and services. This is particularly the case with regard to Aboriginal communities. Because of the locations in which we operate, we are well-placed to provide these communities with opportunities for economic participation through employment and skills development.

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