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Work With Us

At Downer we are proud of our history, and importantly, we’re excited about where we are headed.

Our people have been paramount in building the foundations of Downer and will continue to assist us to shape the future of the company.

The Downer workforce is over 21,000 strong and we now have people in more than 40 countries working on world-class resource, infrastructure and energy projects.

Our people aspire to work for more than just a career and financial security. We're looking for people who want the Downer Spirit to be a part of their work-life experience. 

So, what is the Downer Spirit?

  • Working in collaboration with others in our organisation and taking pride in the achievements of the team;
  • Striving for improvement and innovation, and having the courage to think and actively contribute new initiatives that benefit the Group and our stakeholders;
  • Demonstrating integrity and responsibility through honest, respectful and transparent communication;
  • Striving for excellence through strong leadership and commitment to the job at hand; and
  • Taking responsibility and accountability for the care and protection of peers, the business, the communities in which we operate, and the environment.

If you would like to join the Downer team please forward your resume or expression of interest by clicking on the link to “View Opportunities” on the right-hand side of this page.

Please note that due to the large volume of recruitment activity that takes place within the company we are unfortunately unable to accept email applications or enquiries.

Fraudulent job offers using Yahoo Messenger in United States 

We have been alerted to a number of instances where the Downer company name is being used fraudulently in the United States for ‘work online and/ or work from home opportunities for administrative type roles’. Yahoo Messenger is being used to ‘interview’ candidates, with candidates being requested to pay an ‘administrative start up’ fee in order to continue the recruitment process.

The individuals sending these emails are not associated with Downer and do not have any authority whatsoever to act on Downer’s behalf. Downer is not undertaking any recruitment activities in the United States. If you are approached for a job of this nature, Downer recommends that you contact the relevant US authorities.

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