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Employee Feature Profile - Daniel Crisp

Date: 25/6/2010

In the first year of his apprenticeship with Downer, Daniel Crisp was already working at ANSTO’s new nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights where Downer completed all of the electrical and instrumentation work including light and power, booster pumps, back-up diesel generators and uninterruptable power supply (UPS) units.

Daniel Crisp, a man on the move

Daniel Crisp He later installed electrical systems for major construction projects, undertook design work for Bathurst Hospital, built the weigh stations for RailCorp at Auburn before flying off to a large open-cut nickel mine in Western Australia to install and service variable speed drives.
This might seem like a lot to pack into an apprenticeship, but Daniel also found time to win a string of awards, from the NECA Overall Apprentice of the Year to NSW Apprentice of the Year and Australian Apprentice of the Year - runner up, at the Australian Government Trainee Awards in 2008. 

How did all this happen?

Daniel applied for an apprenticeship with Downer after deciding to defer University for a year (he’d been accepted into the ‘Photonics’ Science program at Wollongong University).
Daniel went on to finish his apprenticeship rather than enroll in University and has since been appointed ‘cadet engineer’, a role specially created by Downer. He has management responsibility, is running his own projects and supervising trades people and other workers on site.

Daniel enjoys the variety and challenges of his job and feels that ‘a knowledge of how things actually work’ helps him make good decisions.

‘Some of my friends who’ve gone to Uni couldn’t find jobs in their field — or even find jobs at all,’ Said Daniel. Rather than struggling to pay a HECS debt, Daniel is now making plans to buy a house. He knows many young people his age will have to continue to live at home with their parents or pay rent.


Why an apprenticeship in electro-technology?

Daniel chose the electrical trade because it was ‘a bit more technical’ than other trades, and this really appealed to him. Back in Year 11 and 12 he’d enrolled in a VET course in IT – wanting to ‘see what was behind the networks’. 



Gino Moliterno (Downer’s Sydney Manager – Services and Installations), said: ‘Daniel is well organised; he knows how to do his trade well and also thinks about why it is being done that way and if it could be done better. He thinks ahead and plans how to do things.’
‘These skills will be important at the isolated WA nickel mine as you won’t have an electrical wholesaler down the road. You have to think the job through, because you can’t fly to Perth to pick up some cable!’ he said.
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